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You are really good at making everything about yourself. It should always be about you, every single time. And you can make people around you feel sorry, guilty or embarassed for what they did. But numbness grew in me and I think it would come to a point that I could care less anymore.

I am angry that I am heavily breathing and my chest hurts and now tears are falling from my eyes. I pity myself. I let people treat me this way. I can’t do anything about it but accept. I have no choice. None at all.


Are you a killer, Will?

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People who expect too much from you when in fact they don’t have the right to. Why? They can brag about their achievements but I don’t really care. It’s as if it’s a competition. Why is this happening. I didn’t sign up for this.

It’s when you hate someone so much, you can’t do anything about it. Fck


Nicholas Braun

Cebu mornings.

This med thing is bothering me. Everyone’s bugging me about it. Let me decide. Ya Rabb, guide me.

I miss this cat. Her name is Yumi. It’s Joh’s, my roommate before when I was staying in Manila. I hope we could own one too.. soon.


Wow, this is truly beautiful! The 1975 have remixed labelmate James Vincent McMorrow’s single “Cavalier” . The original track appears on McMorrow’s new sophomore album Post Tropical which was released last week & is available now on iTunes. This is the 1st official remix produced by the Manchester foursome.